Kevin Templeman is a Vice President for Premier Power Maintenance and is responsible for driving the growth and direction of the business in the finance, human resources, safety, and asset departments.

Kevin began his career at Premier Power Maintenance as a sophomore in high school, working in the office on various administrative projects during the summer. After high school, Kevin spent his summer breaks away from college following his father, Andy, on projects to begin learning the field side of the business. Having spent his first 10 years full time in the field, Kevin has become an advocate in terms of making sure the entire team has all the proper PPE, tooling, equipment, and training in order to perform their daily tasks in the safest possible way. From a technical standpoint, Kevin enjoys SF6 breaker rebuilds and the art of high voltage cable terminations/ splices.

In his free time, Kevin has a passion for boating, being on the water, camping, and being outdoors with his dog. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Ball State University