Safely Powering Reliability
Is Our Passion

From pre-construction services, to the construction process, and into client operations, Premier Power Maintenance has the experience and capability to deliver what your project requires.


Who We Are

As a leading electrical testing and maintenance company, Premier Power Maintenance sets the industry standard by solving complex electrical problems for all of our customers. Our rigorously trained team members provide unparalleled service that never compromises safety or quality.


What Our Goal Is

We safely power the world, ensuring electrical reliability and safety are never compromised. Our commitment to safety, training, team member development, human performance philosophy, a culture of trust, and mutual respect enables us to deliver on our promises.

Our Values

Setting the standard in the industry by solving complex electrical problems for our customers through integrity, attitude, skill, and teamwork.


Our team members’ unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and ethics is and always has been critical to the success of Premier Power Maintenance.


Our team operates with a positive, safety-focused attitude. At Premier Power Maintenance, we are motivated to help each other and our customers.


Continuous improvement in all aspects of the business from the refinement of our operating procedures to the professional development of our team members is the only way to solidify our position as an industry leader.


The key to the success of any team is their ability to communicate and work together. At Premier Power Maintenance, we place an emphasis on extending each other the professional courtesy and respect they deserve.

We also feel it is important to maintain an open-door policy which allows team members to participate in the success and direction of Premier Power Maintenance by being able to provide suggestions for improvement to the leadership team.


With over 100 years of combined experience, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

Andy Templeman

Senior Engineer

EIleen Templeman

President and CEO

Brian Templeman

Vice President

Kevin Templeman

Vice President

Megan Templeman

Vice President

David Kreger

Executive Director of Operations & Client Solutions

Wes Anderson

Executive Director of Risk Management

Brian Alspaugh

Director of Business Development

Michael Wolf

Director of Finance & IT

What we Stand for

Providing unparalleled service through our commitment to safety, training, and team member development. Our human performance philosophy, combined with a culture of trust and mutual respect, enables us to deliver on our promises.


We offer a full suite of services from specialty services to comissioning, testing, repairs and preventative maintenance. Reach out to a Premier Power Maintenance representative today to learn more about our accreditations and services.

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