Louisville, KY

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General inquiries and 24/7 Emergency Service
Phone: (317) 879-0660

Central Region Office – Louisville, KY
160 Iroquois Trail
Bloomfield, KY 40008
Phone: (502) 265-8634

Management Information

Jeremiah Evans 

Central Region Operations Manager



SALES Information

Andrew Bickford Central Region Electrical Solutions Advisor

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There’s a dirty secret in the Electrical Service industry: just because a company holds a certification, does not mean the technician visiting the site has that relevant certification.

Life Extension

Having a well thought out & systematically planned solution ensures the safe, reliable operation of your electrical system.

Third Party Testing

Installing equipment requires more than plugging it in and flipping a switch.


Premier Power Maintenance has a staff of highly qualified and experienced electrical engineers and technicians to solve a broad range of customer challenges.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is that more true than with your power systems. They hum along reliably and safely until they don't.

Repairs & Maintenance

Everything in our world relies upon electricity. We understand the safe, reliable and efficient use of electrical energy is what keeps your company going.