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Saying what we’re going to do and doing it. This may sound simple, and it is to us. In an industry swirling with gimmicks, fancy sales pitches, and unkept promises, you want a company with real values. Safety, experienced knowledge, and family. This is the Premier way and we’ve been walking this walk for over 35 years with the same owners, the same mindset and the same focus. Doing what needs to be done. Every day. Every time.

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Who We Are

Premier Power Maintenance prides itself on being versatile, capable of servicing the entire spectrum of our customer's needs. We define our services in 6 primary areas: Safety Training, Engineering, Installation, Commissioning, Preventive Maintenance, and Repair.

24/7 - 365

We offer 24 hours of service, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Our goal is to provide our customers with a safe, dependable, uninterrupted power supply.

Locations Around the U.S

Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with offices in Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, and Minnesota. We are continually expanding to meet our customer’s needs.


Premier Power Maintenance has a staff of highly qualified and experienced Electrical Engineers and Certified NETA Level II, III, and IV Technicians to solve a broad range of customer challenges.

Our Services


Having a well thought out & systematically planned solution ensures the safe, reliable operation of your electrical system.


Premier Power Maintenance has a staff of highly qualified and experienced electrical engineers and technicians to solve a broad range of customer challenges.


Installing equipment requires more than plugging it in and flipping a switch.


Everything in our world relies upon electricity. We understand the safe, reliable and efficient use of electrical energy is what keeps your company going.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is that more true than with your power systems. They hum along reliably and safely until they don't.


There’s a dirty secret in the Electrical Service industry: just because a company holds a certification, does not mean the technician visiting the site has that relevant certification.

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Be a part of a team where integrity, skill, teamwork and attitude are not just words on the wall. You can grow with the Premier family.

Be a part of a team where integrity, skill, teamwork and attitude are not just words on the wall. You can grow with the Premier family.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of specialty high voltage electrical construction, apparatus testing, and protection & control system commissioning services in the country, while remaining a private family-owned company.

Our Values

Setting the standard in the industry by solving complex electrical problems for our customers through integrity, attitude, skill, and teamwork.


Our team members’ unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and ethics is and always has been critical to the success of Premier Power Maintenance.


Our team operates with a positive, safety-focused attitude. At Premier Power Maintenance, we are motivated to help each other and our customers.


Continuous improvement in all aspects of the business from the refinement of our operating procedures to the professional development of our team members is the only way to solidify our position as an industry leader.


The key to the success of any team is their ability to communicate and work together. At Premier Power Maintenance, we place an emphasis on extending each other the professional courtesy and respect they deserve.

We also feel it is important to maintain an open-door policy which allows team members to participate in the success and direction of Premier Power Maintenance by being able to provide suggestions for improvement to the leadership team.

Why Work With Us

Premier Power Maintenance takes pride in offering careers in a company culture where team members are treated as members of our family, not just employees.


New hire lunches, camping trips, and community outreach to name just a few of the ways Premier Power Maintenance was built on a family oriented foundation.


From industry leading test equipment to the Premier Power Academy, our dedication to team members development is second to none.


Safety isn’t a buzzword here. Getting our team members home safe to their families each night is our top priority.


It takes discipline, resilience, & teamwork to serve our great country and those are exactly the traits we are looking for here at Premier Power Maintenance.



We offer a full suite of services from new construction to comissioning, testing, repairs and preventative maintenance. Reach out to a Premier Power Maintenance representative today to learn more about our accreditations and services.
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