Corporate Office

Indianapolis, IN

Contact Information

General inquiries and 24/7 Emergency Service
Phone: (317) 879-0660

Premier Power Maintenance
4035 Championship Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Management Information

Eileen Templeman President
Andrew Templeman Senior Engineer
Kevin Templeman Vice President
Brian Templeman Vice President
Megan Templeman Vice President
Wes Anderson Director of Safety and Human Performance
Brian Alspaugh Director of Business Development
Dave Kreger Senior Director of Operations
Brooke Gross Director of Human Resources
Michael Wolf, CPA Director of Finance & IT


Our Services


There’s a dirty secret in the Electrical Service industry: just because a company holds a certification, does not mean the technician visiting the site has that relevant certification.

Life Extension

Having a well thought out & systematically planned solution ensures the safe, reliable operation of your electrical system.

Third Party Testing

Installing equipment requires more than plugging it in and flipping a switch.


Premier Power Maintenance has a staff of highly qualified and experienced electrical engineers and technicians to solve a broad range of customer challenges.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is that more true than with your power systems. They hum along reliably and safely until they don't.

Repairs & Maintenance

Everything in our world relies upon electricity. We understand the safe, reliable and efficient use of electrical energy is what keeps your company going.