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Power system design is an integral part of the services Premier Power Maintenance offers. Our power distribution engineering team will analyze your needs and design or improve upon your system to insure the most efficient electric power distribution on your site. Designs will comply with all federal and local rules and regulations including the National Electric Code and the National Electric Safety Code.

We can perform a load flow analysis and system load analysis to determine what your system is doing, calculating the currents, voltages and phase angles for each unit in the system. With this information in hand, we can then implement power distribution solutions. We will be able to determine proper sizing of current-carrying equipment along with identifying any overloaded devices. Our engineers can also properly determine power factor and recommend power factor correction including any power harmonic filtering needs and requirements. Having an efficient electrical power distribution system saves you money and time by avoiding costly interruptions, shutdowns and equipment repairs or replacement. The largest payback, however, may be in reducing your overall monthly electrical expenses, providing a quick financial return on your investment with us.

Premier Power Maintenance is also your best choice for power system design when you need to expand your current facility. For example, if you need to expand your manufacturing capacity or add new production capabilities, let us configure the best power distribution solutions that will allow you to operate in as efficient manner as possible.

When designing your electrical power distribution system, Premier Power Maintenance will take into account crucial factors such as power system relays, like switchgear and motor control centers, and load flow analysis required for the lighting and environmental control. Also, certain industries need special consideration because they provide critical power services that must have an uninterruptible supply. For example, in cases where a power failure or interruption could result in substantial loss like refrigeration, life critical services (hospitals), or computer servers, we can design an electrical power distribution system with a back-up power supply source, should an emergency occur.

Another area where Premier Power Maintenance can assist is with companies that may have a large production expansion. Expansions require careful consideration of the power distribution design plan to meet power requirements. Premier Power Maintenance can make sure your system will provide decent power for the excessive loads for AC motors where inrush currents during startup exceed six times the steady state pressure. Installing power system automation will insure that this type of current inrush is carefully accommodated in order to protect the equipment as well as the utility distribution system. Correct design will again save energy costs by staggering starts on heavy surge loads or timing start up for off-peak times with lower utility costs.