Eileen is the President and CEO of Premier Power Maintenance and is responsible for overseeing all components of the business. In addition, Eileen is a co-founder and the majority owner of Premier Power Maintenance.

Eileen started the business, alongside her husband Andy, 35 years ago. With a typewriter and a strong background in human resources and accounting Eileen ran all branches of the office in the early days of Premier. In addition to those roles in the business she would write the technical reports, coordinate the schedules, procure material, and acquire all the Company insurance, benefits, and tooling. As the Company continued to steadily grow, she would slowly transition certain duties away to new department leaders and be a trusted source of tribal knowledge and experience for the team to lean on.

Eileen places an importance on culture, team building and taking care of the team. She has always had the mentality that if the Templeman’s take care of the team members, the team members will look after the customer who in return will continue to hire Premier.

Eileen enjoys watching college and pro football and basketball. She also is an avid reader and music lover. Boating the Florida waterways is a passion for both Eileen and Andy. Eileen holds a Bachelor of Science in CFS from Purdue University.